HI Products Available on G-Cloud8

Crown Commercial Service SupplierHealth Intelligence now available on G-Cloud8

G-Cloud is a procurement framework that allows you to understand what services we offer and how they can help meet your requirements. You can chose to purchase our products as Software as a Service (SaaS) or Specialist Cloud Services (SCS).

Health Intelligence has been a supplier on the G-Cloud digital marketplace for a while now and the new G-Cloud 8 is no different. This framework allows you to buy our products quickly and easily, removing the hassle of running your own tender.

Our products available are:

  • Spectra (SaaS) (SCS)
  • Asthma & COPD Intelligence (SaaS) (SCS)
  • Diabetes Intelligence (SaaS) (SCS)
  • Fracture Prevention Intelligence (SaaS) (SCS)
  • Childhood Vaccinations & Immunisations Reporting and Data Integration Tool (SaaS) (SCS)
  • NHS Health Check Reporting Tool (SaaS) (SCS)
  • Risk Stratification, Case Finding & Interventions Management Tool (SaaS) (SCS)
  • Medicines Optimisation (SaaS) (SCS)
  • HI Hub Rules Engine (SaaS) (SCS)

If you want to take advantage of this hassle-free way of buying, find out more via the Digital Marketplace links above then give us a call to discuss your needs and we’ll go through the buying process together.