Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular DiseaseCardiovascular disease (CVD) – also known as heart and circulatory disease – is the biggest killer in the UK. It includes conditions such as coronary heart disease (angina and heart attack) and stroke. It is estimated that treating Cardiovascular disease costs the UK economy £30.7 billion a year.

Our CVD Intelligence is a clinical dashboard which produces reports on all aspects of the disease from a Primary Care perspective to improve the outcomes for patients and practices alike.  It will help you understand:

  • Your current patients with an existing CVD related disease or existing condition
  • Patients who should have been diagnosed
  • Any of your patients who are on the CVD primary risk register
  • Any of your patients who are ready for a CVD risk assessment
  • How to manage your patients with cholesterol or hypertension
  • Monitors changes in your patient’s lifestyle and medicineCardio Vascular Disease (CVD) analytics solution

Use this clinical dashboard to identify any gaps in care and aid improvements in your patient management, advice and treatment including prompt referrals where indicated.

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