Osteoporosis and Fracture Prevention

Osteoporosis IntelligenceOsteoporosis is a major cause of disability and mortality in the UK, as it increases the risk of fracture when an elder person falls.  Projections show that based upon current trends, by 2036, there could be as many as 140,000 hospital admissions for hip fractures per year in the UK, this is an increase of 57% on 2008 admissions. The cost of treating and caring for hip fractures in the UK could exceed £6 billion by 2036.

There are an increasing number of government directives around Falls and Fractures. The challenge is to have quality data available which supports a review of the care pathway at a commissioner level and the risk to patients at a practice level. Early identification of disease and proactive risk management are key factors to help better tailor care, reduce health inequalities and tackle the current challenge of the high healthcare utilisation costs of this patient population.

Our Osteoporosis Intelligence is a clinical dashboard which produces reports on all aspects of the disease from a Primary Care perspective to improve the outcomes for patients and Practices alike. It will help you understand:

  • Your current Osteoporosis patients
  • Patients who should have been diagnosed
  • Patients that would benefit from additional monitoring
  • The best way to manage fragility fracture patients
  • Your patients medicine
  • Osteoporosis patients with or without a fragility fracture
  •  Any of your patients at risk of developing Osteoporosis and/or suffering a fragility fracture

Use this clinical dashboard to identify any gaps in care and aid improvements in your patient management, advice and treatment including prompt referrals where indicated.

This service is available on G-Cloud (SaaS or SCS) and GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) Lot 2 frameworks to help make buying from us quicker and easier.