Medicines Optimisation

Medicines Optimisation for cost-effective prescribing and medication reviewThe Royal Pharmaceutical Society outlines the principles of the Medicines Optimisations agenda as an ‘aim to understand the patient’s experience, evidence based choice of medicines, ensure medicines use is as safe as possible, make medicines optimisation part of routine practice.’

Primary Care clinicians are essential for implementing this agenda, however with ever increasing workloads and pressures on GPs and Pharmacists access to quality data has never been so important. Medicines Optimisation is a new medicines management tool that uses various algorithms to locate patients who are suitable for a medication review. Medicines Optimisation can assist you to reduce the amount of time spent conducting manual data analysis and increase the time available for medication reviews which ultimately will lead to improved patient outcomes.


Benefits of Medicines Optimisation

  • ‘Case Finds’ patients for a medication review from Primary Care prescribing data, which increases cost efficiency
  • Uses hundreds of rules concerning safety issues, non-adherence to ‘best practice’, cost savings opportunities and patient non-compliance
  • Ability to report on local formulary
  • Workflow to capture every single action from medication reviews and report on the outcomes
  • Increases the amount of time for clinicians to conduct medication reviews as it gives rapid access to data


This service is available on G-Cloud (SaaS or SCS) and GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) Lot 2 and Lot 3 frameworks to help make buying from us quicker and easier.

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