Spectra, diabetic eye screening softwareSince 2004 InHealth Intelligence has actively been involved in Diabetic Eye Screening Programmes (DESPs) across the NHS in England, so we understand the support Programmes require from the software.

We have designed and developed Spectra, a unique and innovative Screening and Surveillance software.

  • CAP stage 3 certified by the national team
  • Web based to allow on-line and off-line access
  • Full screening clinic management functionality
  • Innovative features e.g. automatic image capture quality control
  • Grading at all levels
  • Failsafe management suite
  • Hospital feedback module to link primary and secondary careDiabetic Eye Screening Button
  • Under continuous development to respond to customer requirements


This service is available on G-Cloud (SaaS or SCS) framework to help make buying from us quicker and easier.

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